[Let’s Play] 7s’Carlet – Sousuke Tatehira

CV: Sawashiro Chiharu

Next we have Sousuke Tatehira! If you’re thinking to yourself, “Wow this guy looks like an encyclopedia.” Ding ding ding….you’re correct! Sousuke’s your typical, “If it interests me, I’ll learn all about it!” type of guy. Throughout his route you’ll be getting a lot of tidbits of knowledge here and there. The main focus of Sousuke’s route is finding the truth behind the village and more about the vigilante group that acts as the ‘watchdogs’ of the Murakumo family.

Sousuke is originally from Okunezato (I think I see a trend here…) and on rocky terms with his family. He leaves for Tokyo after high school to pursue a career in medicine. His purpose of coming back and attending the supernatural club’s meet up is to check up on his family, in particularly his father. Sousuke’s hesitant to talk to his father again after all these years, but with Ichiko’s encouragement he decides it will be good for him to show his face at his family’s home. Unfortunately, he’s a bit too late. After the night of the summer festival, the town finds his father’s body at the shrine.


Sousuke tells Ichiko the reason why he was on bad terms with his father. Turns out, when Sousuke was a kid, he accidentally followed his father in the middle of the night. Sousuke watched his father drag a man out of a restaurant, and brought him to the mountains where he was to be ‘exterminated’. Sousuke ends up getting lost, trying to find his way back from the horror. His father finds him and leads him home, staying silent the entire walk back. The two are unable to speak about the incident which leads them to drift apart as Sousuke struggles to understand the reason why his dad killed an innocent man. Sousuke also tells Ichiko that when he was lost, he managed to find a field of purple flowers. The same ones mentioned in the legends as the flower to bring back the dead (?). When he arrived at this field, he found a man all alone. When they make eye contact, Sousuke ran for his life and didn’t return. Thinking back to the incident, Sousuke thinks that the man he saw may have been Ichiko’s brother by the way she described him.

The next day, Sousuke ventures out of the hotel in hopes of finding the field again. He doesn’t want to endanger Ichiko so he asks her to stay behind. Ichiko is determined to follow along if it means she gets closer to the truth of finding her brother. Unfortunately, Sousuke is an expert hiker and soon leaves her in the dust, where she gets lost and is eventually found later by Sousuke.

Sousuke 1 Ichiko 0

He takes her with him, stating that it’d be safer for her to travel with him than for her to return back by herself. When Ichiko mentions that the string she was using as navigation to the path leading home was suddenly cut off, Sousuke is worried. As that would indicate someone had tampered with her string (intentionally cutting it off). When they get deeper into the forest, they are met with the infamous group in black (watchdog/vigilante group). When Sousuke hears someone mention his father’s name, he immediately demands for answers. The group then tells him to come to the Murakumo estate at night, where he’ll get the answers to all of his questions.

When the pair show up at the Murakumo’s main residence, they are met with leader Kyouji (Yuzuki’s father). Kyouji gives Sousuke the answer he’s looking for:

  • The infamous group in black is a vigilante group called the Ensepulchers
  • They’re used to control/exterminate the revenants
  • Revenants are people who come back to life in the rainy season (early summer, so maybe June/July???), and appear in the field where the purple flowers grow
  • His father was a member of this group
  • His father was exterminating a revenant that came back to life on the night Sousuke witnessed him killing someone

He then asks Sousuke to join their ranks and take revenge on the revenant that killed his father. Kyouji also tries to convince Ichiko by giving her a diary he found that belonged to her brother, Hanate. He then tells Ichiko that as long as she lives, the revenants will continue to go after her, stating that she’s an unusual case but doesn’t say anything more. The pair return back to the hotel, thinking about what they learned and their offer to join the mysterious group.

That night, while Ichiko is in the kitchen to grab a drink, she gets attacked and runs back to her room. Sousuke, Hino, Isora, and Kagura, run to her room as they all heard the commotion. The three give Sousuke and Ichiko some privacy, letting Sousuke handle the situation. Ichiko begins to tell her story of what happened to her. She describes her attacker as someone who is tall with a deep voice. This leads her to believe her attacker was male. The situation gets even more complicated as all the doors in the inn were locked, meaning that someone from the inside was out to harm her.

Best Danger GIFs | Gfycat


The next day, everyone is called to the lounge to discuss what had happened to Ichiko. When they find out that the person who harmed Ichiko had to be someone in the group, they begin to argue amongst themselves to find the culprit. All the evidence points against Kagura, which he then admits to being the one who attacked Ichiko. He is also linked to being the serial killer that has been causing all the accidents in the town recently. When he is about to be caught by the Ensepulchers, he charges at Ichiko ready to attack her. Sousuke gets in the way and his arm is stabbed as a result. The scene begins to transition as Kagura is being held by the Ensepulchers. Sousuke asks him if he was the one who murdered his father but Kagura doesn’t answer him, leaving Sousuke to wonder more. Days later after his wound heals, Sousuke asks Ichiko to take a walk with him in the mountains where he reveals he met a girl lost in the forest just like Ichiko when he was younger. Big surprise….that was Ichiko he helped all those years ago! When the two finally reach the field of flowers, he confesses to her and the two kiss confirming their love.


The pair exchange numbers, promising each other a date when they meet again (probably in Tokyo).

Anticlimactic GIFs | Tenor
A little anti-climatic


Wow! What a ride! I’m so happy we finally get more insight into the story 😀 Sousuke’s character was pretty decent! I didn’t hate him at all and enjoyed his little tidbits here and there. He came off as a well versed and somewhat straight laced individual. I would have preferred a little bit more flirting but I guess you can’t have it all. The last person left to play is Yuzuki, which I would assume fills in all the holes left in the story. So far what we learned:

  • Revenants come back to life during the rainy season in the field of purple flowers
  • Sousuke’s dad was apart of the Ensepulchers, whose main mission is to exterminate revenants before they can harm anyone
  • Kagura is the serial killer out to get Ichiko in every route
  • Ichiko has an unusual charm to her? Something that attracts revenants to harm her
  • The location of the field is past the tunnel
  • Yuzuki’s dad Kyouji is in charge of the Ensepulchers

Until next time, see you in another otome adventure!

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